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The Girl With The Sixteen Million Dollar Pussy

LISTEN Sara noticed a roll of kitchen towel in the corner of the room and busied herself soaking the water up from the bench surface. The shock and adrenaline of the cold water in her face left her momentarily numb and confused. She concentrated on her task and then, hands over-full of wet towels, tried to find a garbage can. She turned away from the bench.

Twelve pairs of male eyes were staring at her chest. Some were grinning. Some looked bashful. But all were looking.

Sara realized with a sinking feeling what it was that they were all staring at. Slowly, she tilted her head down to see.

The wet fabric of her tee shirt was almost perfectly transparent. It clung tightly to her breasts, the pale color of her skin clearly showing through. Every detail of the freckles around her cleavage could be made out. The darker color of her nipples was plainly visible, as was every bump and ridge of their shape and texture. Worst of all, the cold water had left them hard and erect.

After a horrified moment of paralysis, Sara yelped and lifted her arms to cover her breasts. She looked around at the men, and let her embarrassment express itself in the form of a nervous giggle. "Uhm, whoops," she said quietly.

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A Story of Unplanned Eroticism
LISTEN She was not heavy, and Paul was strong. He was able to carry her without great difficulty, but there was a place where the path was suddenly steep, and Paul had to exert himself more to carry her up the slope. In the process she slipped slightly in his grasp, and although she was in no danger of being dropped, her hip was now pressed firmly against his cock. She looked into his eyes for a moment, and it seemed like she was about to say something, but she turned her face away.

Paul tried to ignore the sensation of her warm, soft body pressing against his penis, and the rubbing movement of her hip that he felt with every one of his steps. He tried to think of baseball, and his grandmother, and of puppies and kittens, but the effort was futile, and he felt his cock begin to tingle and then to swell, pulsing into full hardness against her naked skin. It felt physically pleasurable, but he was horrified at his body’s reaction.

If he had hoped that somehow she would not notice, that hope was dashed when she turned her head to look into his eyes again, blushing, and gave him a penetrating, assessing look.

“I’m so sorry,” he told her, embarrassed and ashamed. “I didn’t want —”

“Sssh,” she interrupted, her face sympathetic. “It’s okay. You don’t have to say anything.”

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"Men don't read erotica, and they certainly don't write it."

"Men just want visual stimulation and don't care about the story."

Established wisdom in the publishing business, and yet, blatantly false. It's true that there are men who have all their erotic needs fulfilled by watching a badly-acted sex scene featuring a "plumber" who doesn't know which end of a wrench to hold and a "schoolgirl" very obviously in her thirties, but men have a broad range of tastes and interests... just like women do. Some of us like stories. Some of us like characters. Some of us like our brains to be involved in our eroticism.

Still, most erotica is written for women, and written by women. Much of it is excellent, and there are many female authors whose work is very approachable and enjoyable for a male audience. But the majority of female writers have difficulty writing male characters who are believable to men, and very few are able to write from a male perspective in a cringe-free manner.

So then, our mission is to publish erotica by written men. Primarily aimed at a male audience, but of course, it may be enjoyed by others, just as men enjoy erotica written by women. We hope you will enjoy our work.

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